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We are committed to treating all pets in the same compassionate manner that we’d want for our own pets. Having a genuine love and passion for animals, we treat them with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our Story…

About Forget Me Not Pets

We are family owned and operated company that understands what it’s like to lose a beloved pet.  We are committed to providing compassionate and caring services to our clients during the difficult time of losing their pet who is an integral member of their family.

At Forget Me Not Pets your loved one is not forgotten, but is treated and remembered with dignity and love.  Our professional staff will attend to your inquiry in a prompt and compassionate manner, ensuring your beloved family pet is treated with care, respect and dignity.

What we offer…

Our Service

We understand that a loss of a pet can often be sudden and we at Forget Me Not Pets aim to make the process of saying goodbye to your pet as seemless as possible by providing a prompt, professional and caring service.

We can cremate a vast range of pets, but if for some reason we are unable to provide this service for you directly we will endeavour to assist you in sourcing another service that can cater to your special request.

Once we have received your call we will arrange to collect your pet from either your home or your vet as soon as possible.  If you pet is at home we will collect them the same day and if you pet is at your vet we will collect them within 24 hours.

We’re animal lovers too

Our team

All our dedicated team members have lost companions ourselves, we understand the bond that forms and how powerful it can be.

Melinda will see you through organising your pet to be collected from your home or vet, and then one of our specialised collection personnel –Emma or Peter – will ensure your pet is delivered safely to us.

0406 631 430

PO Box 112, Sutherland NSW 1499
PO Box 70, Fairymeadow NSW 2519
PO Box 6334, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Contact us by calling 0406 631 430 to discuss options available for you and your pet or complete the enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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